Enhancing eCommerce: 5 Secrets to Excellent ROI for Your Digital Store

Drawing customers to your digital store and holding their
attention is a complicated affair. The web design, the social media presence,
the pricing, and the customer service all play a vital role in gartering a high
return on investment ( ROI ) for your efforts. But how can you enhance your ROI?

The secrets of ROI

1. Forget the Fluff – Get to the Point

While it may be tempting to arrange your web design and copy to be aesthetically pleasing or tell a characterizing story of your brand, this
is where many eCommerce sites fail. For high return on investment, internet users need to be sold in a glance. They’ll browse through dozens of sites when choosing where to shop – and will go with their first impression immediately. How easy you make
their search will factor in. Make sure the design and structure of your site quickly displays who you are, what you sell, for how much, and how you stand from the competition. The “wooing” process can come afterwards, once you’ve earned your ROI.

2. Rely More Heavily on Inbound Marketing or your ROI

Following the above train of thought, outbound marketing is taking a dive with low ROI. According to Hubspot, “there is around 62% lower cost-per-lead through inbound marketing than outbound.” Ad-blindness is developing into a common trait, resulting in internet
users being more annoyed bypromotions on their newsfeeds than not. Instead, inbound marketing relies on your store being the first option in a long list when they search for your services or products, gartering high ROI.

3. Even Low-Level SEO is Still Good SEO

SEO is often viewed as complicated and scary, especially by new businesses that are unfamiliar with it. However, the key to a site that
generates high ROI versus one that is dead is a certain degree of SEO. By enriching your text with keywords, you’re more likely to arrive high in the search engine results. Leaving it to chance, hoping your text has enough to garter ROI, is a poor approach, so if you can’t afford a hefty strategy as of now, still invest in some degree of professional SEO. Even if it’s not the best, it will bring a better return on your investment.

4. Is Social Media Necessary for ROI? Yes, but Choose Wisely

Gone are the days when a successful brand could be a faceless entity. In the internet age, you need to have personality – and this
is where social media comes in. However, joining too many sites and creating too many accounts can have the reverse effect on your ROI. The key is to identify where your target audience dwells and join them there in a focused effort. Otherwise, you’re investing in several different platforms, lacking the manpower to make each of them quality.

5. Be Willing to Spendy More for Hosting

While quality hosting can be very expensive, it keys into the science behind ROI – you’re investing a great deal, and receiving a larger
return. According to KissMetrics, “A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions,” which means the quality of your website hosting can be more influential on your overall ROI than even your best marketing efforts. Fine-tuned performance,
customer service, uptime will boost your ROI, but even if you simply avoid poor quality, it’ll give your ROI a fighting chance.

performance marketing

Everything You Need To Know Performance Marketing

Advertising has always been a realized form of marketing; it derives possible consumers into prospected buyers of products. Today’s retailers have realized how effective advertising can be. These modern retailers have learned to entice people into performance marketing, which allows them to garner more profit than the usual forms of ad marketing.

Performance Marketing refers marketing using online platforms which may be in forms of advertising or online programs, wherein retailers or sellers sell their products through social platforms. In this form of marketing, the sellers are usually paid per advertisement, sales or actions have done to sell the marketing product or service. The difference between regular marketing and performance marketing relies on its output. Regular marketing would merely bring awareness to the products, whereas performance marketing derives profit from the marketing actions.

Performance marketing will most likely create a preferable situation for sellers and marketers in growing their business because everything is performance- based. This marketing is in forms of campaigns which will provide a win-win situation for both the seller and campaigner. The more campaigns the affiliate does the more chance of earning money from the direct seller. Unlike regular ads that are only posted and set out to dry, performance marketing actually insures you a return of investment with the successful sales. Performance marketing provides a new alternative for marketers to be able to widen their scope in selling.

The presence of today’s social media outlets has boosted the caliber of performance marketing, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all others you can now easily advertise your products and services and have affiliates empower those ads by sharing and showing them to their friends.

In order for you to gain profit from these online outlets, the advertising product is usually linked to an e-commerce website where in the click would direct them to a page where they can avail of the product or services. This redirection allows a possible costumer to browse through your products and be able to buy or refer them.

The other thing you need to know about conversion marketing is that some companies also pay per leads that you influence their products. Also, when you click on that certain product’s chances are future references may show up to your social media site. Say, for example, you bought a pair of pants or shades from a certain ad marketer. You’d be surprised that the next ads you find are ads relevant to that marketing, which may be shirts or clothes from the same brand or the same kind of design from another brand.

Performance marketing offers a ton of possibilities for retailers and affiliates because with connections as simple as leads could lead to direct selling of the item. Performance marketing banks on advertising and innovative marketing of products, which in turn gives consumers enticing possibilities with their selection of products available in the market.

This kind of marketing has paved the way to many online sellers and people basing their company online to save space costs and just maneuvering their sales online.