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Online Advertising 3 things you need to know

Online advertising is one of those integral areas of digital marketing. It is a dynamic area that is always improving and undergoing changes. If used well, advertising online can work wonders for your business in the sense of giving you more visibility on the web while driving profitable traffic to your business website.

There many ways of going about internet based advertising. After all is said and done, one thing remains; your ads need to remain relevant and appealing to your target audience. To do this, it is necessary that you stay up to date with the latest news since web based advertising is a very dynamic concept. Here is what you currently need to know about online advertising.

Your online advertising need to be redesigned

Rewriting ads is something most of us would rather not do. The thing is, you have already created an ad and you feel satisfied that it is good and appealing. You however need to take your chances and test your ad copy then rewrite it according to the response you get. This is a sure way of ensuring that you get return on Investment.

Making sure your ads are adaptable to your target audience will guarantee you more conversions. A/B testing ensures that you are able to focus on all the aspects of your ads. There is no part of the design that you cannot change in the design; from the CTAs and special characters to text cases and the pages the ads link to, you can tweak anything to ensure that the ad grabs the audience’s attention
Consider your audience and help them to make fast decisions that will of course be to your favor. That is the essence of online advertising.

Note: When doing A/B testing, it will follow that you will have to tweak your ads in order to be able to relay the right information to your audience. You need to do the testing even after you have tweaked the ad so that you can keep tabs on the difference the change has made. You also want to ensure that you don’t change your ads too often. It is important to leave the ads to run long enough so that you can be able to determine just how well they are performing and which add is performing better.

Online advertising requires Expanded Texts Ads To Become Longer

Presently, AdWords offers about 80 characters for a description in Expanded Text Ads. This is kind of limiting. There is however an option to have an additional 80 character description; which will effectively double the characters in your ad.
This concept is however still in test phase. The aim is to see whether longer texts will improve user and advertiser experience.

Price Extensions will always be Live on all Devices

Price Extensions are used to show prices of products in the AdWord text ads. The price extension feature previously worked on mobile devices only but Google has since expanded it to desktop. Both devices use the same format used on mobile which is swipeable cards.

Online advertising is more dynamic than we would want to think. The key is being abreast with the news always and making sure that you implement changes as fast as you can.